NY Rangers Take Game 3, Lead Series Over Penguins 2-1

The NY Rangers got it done, but not without an onslaught of pressure by the Penguins in the final period. The Rangers came out very strong through two periods, even holding the Penguins to a single shot in 15 minutes to start out the game. New York looked fast, won the battles in the corner, loose pucks, and stifled the Penguins each time they gained entry into The Ranger’s defensive zone.

It wasn’t until seven minutes or so in the final period that the Penguins got a breath of success, scoring their first goal of the game. Scored by Patric Hornqvist in the slot, The Penguins continued to press and put pressure on The Rangers and it looked like it was only a matter of time before the guys in black and white found the net again to tie the game at two a piece.

The expected goal for many never came and the Rangers ended up walking out of The Consol Energy Center feeling like they stole the game from the opposition.

It is no surprise that The Rangers work well on the road and a tight win like this one has been commonplace for the Blueshirts time and time again this season. With the best regular season record in the NHL, New York has all the experience and talent you would expect in a team with its sights set on a return to the Stanley Cup finals.

For a video recap, please check out the following:

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Cam Talbot Needs Help and the NY Rangers Aren’t Delivering

The NY Rangers have put together an impressive streak with back up goalie Cam Talbot filling in for injured starter Henrik Lundqvist. The only issue is Cam Talbot has been very busy during that streak and it is finally starting to come back to bite New York.

Eight games into starting Lundqvist, Talbot has posted an impressive record of 5-1-2, but if you look at his personal statistics you see a completely different story. He has a 3.10 goals against average and save percentage of .894. Talbot isn’t the one to blame, he is facing too much traffic in front and needs help from his team as a whole. One of the Rangers strong suites, defense, hasn’t been where it needs to be recently. Luckily they are clicking on all cylinders in the offensive department to make up for any defensive lapses, but you can’t always rely on offense.

The Rangers need to place a heavier emphasis on defense and they need to protect their goalie. This is first time in his career that Talbot has been a mainstay as a starting goalie in the National Hockey League. The last thing you want is for him to get rattled, because the team doesn’t have too many options after him. It makes you think, will the Rangers consider pulling up a goalie from their minor league system? Talbot has proven he’s capable, but can he handle being the #1 option for this long? It’ll be interesting to see how things play out!

See the video below for highlights of the Rangers most recent game against the Vancouver Canucks:

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NY Rangers turn a close game into a blowout

Bruce HeenThings were neck and neck going into the third period until the NY Rangers found new life and the back of the net. Tied at three a piece, New York came alive and ran the Florida Panthers right out of Madison Square Garden. Dan Boyle, Mats Zuccarello and Rick Nash each scored in the decisive third period of play.

It is no surprise that when Rick Nash scores goals it bodes very well for the Blueshirts. With 31 goals on the season, Rick Nash is scoring at will and putting his team on his back. With a little bit more help on the bottom two lines, the NY Rangers would have more of a complete team and would in turn be even more dangerous then they currently are.

With Rick Nash clicking on all cylinders, you have to suspect the Rangers are finally smiling widely after the blockbuster trade that sent him packing in Columbus and into the bright lights of New York City. You can also make the assumption that Rick is more comfortable with his surroundings and in better health after sustaining a particularly bad concussion last season.

It will be interesting to see how the season plays out. Will Nash continue his scoring ways? Are the New York Rangers serious contenders for another run at the Stanley Cup? There’s still a lot of hockey to be played and it will be a lot of fun to see how things pan out.

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NY Rangers, NY Islanders Set for Key Matchup

Bruce HeenIt isn’t often that the NY Rangers and NY Islanders are both playing extremely well in the same season. Today, both teams will meet at Madison Square Garden for what will likely be a great matchup considering how well both teams have been playing.

Comparing each team throughout the season, the Islanders have been a bit more consistent and sit further up in the standings. But over the last two months, the Rangers are surging and asserting themselves as one of the top teams in the league. Winning 13 of their last 14 games, the blue shirts are finally healthy and rolling over teams. We aren’t talking about bottom feeders in the league either, we are talking about high quality opponents. Teams like the LA Kings, San Jose Sharks, and the Anaheim Ducks have been the latest casualties on a west coast road trip that portrayed telling signs for just how good this Ranger squad really is.

The New York Rangers came into this season with big plans, especially since they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year against the LA Kings. Hampered by injuries in the early going, the Rangers are finally healthy playing a great two way game that features their great scoring depth and speed. Averaging more than three goals a game, we are starting to take notice of a consistent offense and pressure that continues to force opposing teams into mistakes and ultimately goals for the Rangers.

There’s no science to the Rangers fluidity on the ice. They are simply clicking in all the statistical categories that truly matter. Their power play is finding the back of the net, they are killing off penalties, Henrik Lundqvist is standing on top of his head, and when he’s not playing, Cam Talbot is serving as a reliable backup that can win the team additionally games.

It’ll be fun to see both teams go at it tonight. The rivalry between the two teams proves to be a great one each time they face off. Since both teams are playing so well, you figure there will be a lot of emotions on the ice.

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NY Rangers post second straight shut-out

Are the New York Rangers finally gaining momentum? It is a great question and hopefully it becomes more of a reality as the team continues on for the remainder of the season. The Rangers have shown glimpses of greatness, and yet they find themselves losing games in overtime or in shutouts. One would figure coach Alain Vigneault is preaching consistency to his team.

The Rangers are never not in a position to win, but they can’t quite find that winning formula to close out games. Either way, fans must like what they are seeing early on from the team. The talent is their and one of their biggest strengths, defense, seems to be lacking. It is bizarre, but hey, it’s hockey.

Looking on the bright side, the NY Rangers won two straight shutouts, the first against the Philadelphia flyer and the second to the Montreal Canadiens. Against the Flyers and with backup goaltender Cam Talbot, New York notched a 2-0 win giving Cam his first win on the season. The following game against the Canadiens, New York scored five goals with each forward recording a point on the night. Talk about balanced scoring and lines. If the Rangers can find a scoring balance like this on a consistent basis they can be a very dangerous team. With each line finding productive minutes and points, opposing teams will have their hands full preparing for an onslaught of fire power.

Only pointing out the NY Rangers for their stellar play would do a disservice to another team in the region that has been in a dark place behind the Blueshirts for what seems like an eternity. The New York Islanders are sitting quietly at the top of their division with an exceptional record early on. The fan base is kicking and screaming in joy after losing seasons year after year. It is great to see such a dedicated fan base respond to their team. You can’t help but love that about sports. If you’re team is winning, naturally everyone is going to be happy and no questions will be asked. Hopefully the Islanders keep it up. If so, they will win over their fans, which will only bode well for them as they make the move next season to the Barclays center.

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Shopping mistakes to avoid this holiday season

Take a deep breath everyone, the holiday shopping season is fast approaching, but not to worry! Many of us fret at the thought of buying gifts at such a busy time of the year, but with a little helpful guidance, we can make some smart decisions to get over the finish line this year:

1. Black Friday

Many people believe that Black Friday is the best day to shop because it always has the most favorable savings. The day has become a huge marketing ploy for big stores, so don’t feel the pinch of needing to wake up at 4:00am in the morning to beat the people and lines for great savings on a specific day. A lot of stores offer similar deals to the ones displayed on Black Friday throughout the year and a lot of items are the same year after year as well.

2. Going Over Budget

This is an easy mistake to make. The best way to budget your money is to think of all the people you will be buying gifts for. Have a number in mind for how much you would like to spend on each and don’t go over! There are a number of great free applications for your smart phone that will help you.

3. Store Credit Cards

You’ll likely find yourself tempted to open up an in-store credit card at checkout to receive an additional 20% off, but be cautious! If you currently have a high interest rate credit card that you can’t pay off this is not a good idea. Be sure to consider outside factors before you dive in to additional savings. This could have a serious affect on your credit score!

4. Free Shipping

Don’t wait to the last minute to purchase gifts! If you do, you may find yourself paying a great deal of money on shipping in order for the gift to arrive on time. Take advantage of retailers that are offering free shipping. This will likely happen weeks in advance, so don’t procrastinate!

For more information, check out the original article here.

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How Apple Pay Doesn’t Help Personal Finance

Bruce Heen

Through the eyes of personal finance, Apple Pay is not as exciting as it was projected to be. Although boasting numerous pros, its plaguing cons have dubbed the program disappointing.

Apple had a wonderful opportunity to accomplish what Google failed with Google Wallet. It was widely anticipated, and nearly error-free as a mobile payment standard that is better than swiping a card. Apple Pay’s NFC token-based system which is based on a relatively new and important standard called, EMV Payment Tokenization, ensures that no party except your card issuer ever stores your personal card info. If Apple Pay becomes popular enough, it could mean that hackers would have a much harder time accessing accounts and fraud could fall significantly.

Cards for Apple Pay and transactions made with Apple Pay appear in iOS’s Passbook app, which could be transformed from tickets and coupons aggregator to the nexus of many iPhone users’ financial lives. A step in the right direction, it makes it far easier for us to check in on our accounts wherever we are and help us gain an often elusive sense of control over our money.

However, this is where the pros end. Apple Pay only shows you in passbook the most recent purchases you have made on its own network. Because such a small amount of merchants have the capability for Apple Pay, most of the spending will not come up on Passbook which was never designed as a personal finance account aggregator.

Apple Pay launches for in-app payments, we may finally see micro-payments take off. That will make the challenge of tracking your spending from multiple sources even more acute. Aside from the great security potential of the Apple Pay, is it worth it? It looks like a revolutionary technological security and environmental innovation that has the potential, but needs more work.

For more information, check out the full article here.

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