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Derek Stepan Garners $6.5 Million Per Year Contract

Derek Stepan just landed a six year deal worth $39 million and will remain on his beloved New York Rangers for more season to come. Stepan has been an integral part of the Rangers since he came onto the scene at young age. In his debut game, he registered a hat trick and hasn’t looked back since. He’s a playmaker, making tape to tape passes every game, while also providing a spark on the power play and penalty kill. Derek is easy to coach and contributes on both ends of the floor, and he even has a great sense of humor while doing it.

The New York Rangers made a smart move locking him up for the next six years. Stepan is a part of a young nucleus of players that have a lot of experience so early on. They have been through long runs in the playoffs, having reached the Stanley Cup finals last year, and fell a game short of reaching the finals this past year.

It is also worth noting that Derek Stepan became the first New York Ranger center to record 50 or more points in three consecutive seasons since Wayne Gretzky. Simply put, Stepan is a solid player and The Rangers will have him during his prime and potentially more. He is on an upward trend and will likely only get better with more experience. The crazy thing is, he came into the league in 2010 and he plays and carries himself like he has been here much longer. His ceiling has yet to be reached. With a longer contract and more money, you have to sense that Derak Stepan will be way more comfortable and his play will reflect as a result.

Congratulations Stepan, you’ve been a great asset since your start to present day. Now get out on the ice and bring the cup back to New York!

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