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Jets plan of action for upcoming Green Bay Packers



The Jets plan to defeat the Packers Sunday should fundamentally be straightforward one. They’ll look to spread out Green Bay’s defense with their various wide receiver formations, allow Chris Johnson to play the role of percy harvin and ignite Chris Ivory between the tackles into a soft middle.

The Packers front is a disaster and played an embarrassing four quarters in the West last week. Their poor tackling, disappointing gap discipline and penalties galore together made for a humiliating loss to the Seahawks, which could give the Jets an idea on how to defeat them this weekend.

The best way to put the brakes on Aaron Rodgers passing game is not as clear cut as the Jets would like.  However, the Jets dominated the time of possession against oakland, controlling the ball for almost 35 minutes, but Rodgers, Nelson and Cobb will create an all too familiar problem for the Jets’ defense.

The backfield family of Ivory, Johnson and Powell can’t afford to be flagged six times again. Putting Johnson in the slot or out wide here and there could help Ivory discover a lighter box to exploit similar to Lynch last week. Lynch forced nine missed tackles on 20 rushes, but the Packers’ poor gap discipline was hard to watch.

Ivory is perfect to be the focal point for the game plan this weekend. He forced a total of six missed tackles on 10 carries and averaged 9.0 yards after contact per rush against the Raiders.

“You love just handing it to the big back and let him roll,” Rex Ryan said of the impact of a fresh Ivory against tired defenses late in games.

Last year’s Superbowl champs destroyed the Packers, it would be wise for the Jets to copy the guys with the rings.

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Personal Finance Game Leads to Scholarship Money


The financial industry has struggled to restore its image since its destruction six years ago. One common approach to do so has been developing programs to inform students about financial education. Tax preparer H&R Block released its $3 millions in college scholarship money to give to high school students who get all the answers right in an online budget game.

Block is following the lead of numerous national banks that sponsor some form of financial education. Visa has also made big commitments to the cause as well. This push has been a way to teach young people practical monetary skills while improving the financial industry’s damaged reputation.

Block is not a bank nor a credit company. However, the company is still passionate about teaching youth about finances. “It’s appalling how clueless many teens are about money,” says Block CEO William Cobb. He is not shy about admitting that Block’s “budget challenge” is as much about smart marketing as it is about helping teens get smart about money. The challenge concludes on Tax Day, April 15. But Cobb says educating high school kids about student loans and more is also “the right thing to do”.

Block’s program is constructed around an online game that simulates real life problems and situations. It is apart of a class with a teacher that teaches lessons for youth personal finance. The push for the high school students is a college scholarship. The first challenge will begin Oct. 3 and last for nine weeks. Five more challenges will run through mid-April next year. Students need about 30 minutes to set up their profile and about 30 minutes per week after that in order to compete.

Although its goal is to teach, the Block program seems not only engaging but fun. Participants will have access to a leaderboard to see where they stand amongst their competitors. Youth will need to figure out what the best choices are and to try to make sense of the world of money so they can make good choices in the future.

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