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UConn Wins in 2014

Bruce HeenThe UConn Huskies beat the Kentucky Wildcats 60 – 54 in this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament. With a total of 32 wins this season, the Huskies became the national champions for the second time in just four years. Every year that UConn has made it to the final game, they’ve won, leaving the program with a perfect 4 – 0 record. Kentucky was a formidable opponent with 29 wins this season, but the team with an all-freshman starting five but couldn’t pass the Huskies, who came back this season after being suspended for over a year.

Shabazz Napier, the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player who scored 22 points in the championship game, addressed the audience after UConn received the championship trophy, saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at the hungry Huskies. This is what happens when you ban us.”

A postseason ban was imposed on UConn’s basketball team last season as part of a penalty for poor academic performance in past years. Ryan Boatright, another UConn player, explained that the team had been angry for sometime and that the team talked about it often, saying, “We had nothing to do with the sanctions last year, and they punished us.”

UConn’s basketball team had a strong start from the beginning of the season and was determined to make up for the time they lost. At the championship game another UConn player, DeAndre Daniels, said, “We always knew we were going to get here. We’ve known since last year. It hurt to go through what we went through… That was when we knew we were going to be here and win it.”

Throughout the process, the Huskies’ coach, Kevin Ollie, supported the team, offering them words of encouragement and motivating them to strive for the title in the future. The players kept their spirits up and continued to work hard, making their dreams of winning another NCAA championship title a reality.

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Managing Personal Finances

Bruce HeenManaging personal finances is something many individuals and families struggle with. From lines of credit to loans to filing for taxes, it seems like the stream of information surrounding financial matters is never-ending and often difficult to understand. When it comes to tackling personal finances, it is easy to feel over whelmed. One way to combat this is to think of your overall financial situation in small increments and assess each part individually. Focus in on three financial issues that need to be addressed, for example, student loans, IRAs, and car payments, and figure out a plan of action for each. Breaking down financial planning will help you think more clearly, make better decisions, and benefit you in the long run.

One creeping threat to many young adults is the impending doom of student loans. With college tuition at an all time high, paying for education is definitely a financial issue that should be addressed. While a private, academically superior university may be appealing or even thought of as necessary to get a job, many employers say that where an applicant gets a degree matters very little. Consider looking into less expensive, quality colleges as a first step to avoid debt later in life.

Another thing to think about during financial planning is IRAs. Although paying up front may seem like that best solution because it can protect you from higher rate in the future, it is important to weigh all of your IRA options. Different IRAs will benefit different types of people and choosing the right payment method could saving you a good deal of money in the long run.

A third area of personal finance that should be addressed is the question of buying or leasing when you are shopping for a new car. Recently, leasing cars has become very popular and many auto manufacturers are trying to make leasing more appealing through lower pricing on standard three-year leases. However, there are other long-term factors that should be considered when leasing a car to make sure that you are getting the best deal, including the value of the car you are considering buying or leasing and how long you plan to keep the car.For more tips on managing personal finances, please visit

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