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One Potential Record-breaking Ranger

HockeyOn March 14, 2013, Henrik Lundqvist, the goalie for the New York Rangers hockey team, tied Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301 regular season wins by helping to maintain the team’s 4 – 2 lead during the Friday night game.  However, after stopping 30 shots total during the game, Lundqvist had to commend teammate Carl Hagelin who scored three of the four points during the game that night.

Lundqvist allowed the team’s opponents for the night, the Winnipeg Jets, to score twice in a wide-open first period.  But, the goalie shut Winnipeg down in the second and third periods.  One of the spectacular points in the game occurred when Lundquvist made a left pad save just two minutes before Hagelin finished his hat trick, his third score of the night, off a Brad Richards assist.

Kevin Klein, a third-pair defenseman for the Rangers, also played his best game to date with two assists and multiple blocks of offensive shots.  Still, Alain Vigneault, coach for the Rangers, was disappointed when his biggest lineup change for the calendar year only resulted in 23 total shots on the Jets’ goalies, Ondrej Pavelec and Al Montoya.  However, Vigneault said that he was proud of the team’s performance overall and understands that changes will still need to be made to the lineup.  He said that hockey, as a sport, is all about adapting.

However, for the time being Lundqvist is more than contented by the fact that he has tied Ritcher for the record amount of wins during a season. Just one more win will allow Lundqvist to hold the record-breaking title.  Commenting on his own performance, Lundqvist said, “I’m really excited and proud about it, and I hope I have a lot more to give.”

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Key Personal Finance Tips

MoneyMany people will admit that they know less than they probably should about personal finance.  Even if people do not have the time to presently become a finance expert, there are three common personal finance areas that people should focus on learning more about.

First, investing in your employer’s company stock has benefits and drawbacks that should be weighed carefully before taking action.  Employees may be eligible for discounts on stock prices in addition to having a better knowledge of the company’s performance than an outside investor.  However, if your company faces some sort of financial turmoil, you as an employee run the risk of facing unemployment combined with a decreased value of the stock you own.  Still, if investing in the company you work for appeals to you, experts suggest not investing more than 10 percent of your overall portfolio with the company to minimize risk.

A second area of personal finance that may need attention in the near future is open lines of home equity credit.  These loans were popular from 2004 to 2007, but the time to pay back is fast approaching as the 10-year breaks on paying back principals are expiring.  You should review the terms of your equity line and, if you anticipate having any issues making the impending higher payments, talk to your lender about options like refinancing the loan.

Finally, for those who are looking to revamp their personal finance agendas, it may be time to dispel the myths surrounding the glorified platinum credit card.  While platinum cards do offer various perks to cardholders, these perks will not be beneficial to everyone.  Customers already in debt should avoid platinum credit cards all together.  However, if you are debt free and travel often or make larger purchases regularly, a platinum credit card may be a nice option after all as these cards often offer airline perks and longer coverage on large purchases.

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