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NY Rangers lose 5-3 to NY Islanders

When the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders play each other you know there is going to be some bad blood. Maybe because a big storm was in the midst of hitting New York City, because this game seemed like it was lacking intensity. Over the course of 11 days, both teams will be facing one another three times, so hopefully things will get more interesting.

The NY Rangers looked like they were going to blow the game wide open scoring quick goals in the first period. The first two goals were scored by Rick Nash. He had a nice shot from the slot assisted by Chris Kreider and break away that was also assisted by Kreider. Up 2-0, the NY Islanders scored a goal to cut the lead in half. You would think the Rangers would look in control of the game but the Islanders were the ones who were dictating the pace.

The majority of the game was played in the Rangers defensive end, which definitely took a tole on rookie goal tender Cam Talbot. He saw a number of pucks, screens and shots. It was only a matter of time before they started going in.

Hopefully the Rangers get things back on track for their next game. They had won three games in a row and were mounting serious surge up the standings. This game shouldn’t knock the wind out of their sales, but I am sure it gave the Islanders a lot more life as they are near the bottom of the NHL standings.

It is great to see Chris Kreider getting more playing time on the top line of the Rangers. He was in the doghouse with previous head coach John Tortorella. Tortorella felt Chris came into the league too soon and needed time to develop. Well I guess that time in the AHL has paid off because Chris Kreider is making a serious impact for the Blueshirts. He is out muscling players to the puck and scoring and assisting on a number of plays. He is a key player in the Rangers system this year and should only continue to improve.

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Keeping Travel Cheap

Ever wondered how you can save money so you can budget funds for travel?

I came across a great article on CBS that explains some helpful tips. The first tip is to simply create a budget for your trip. Where is it that you’d like to go? What activities are you planning on doing while away? For instance, you would like to go skiing. You’ve figured out the amount of money it will cost to get to the mountain via car or airplane. Where will you be staying? How much does a lift ticket cost for how many days? Are you going out to eat most nights or cooking dinner? There are a lot of questions to ask and if you can answer most of them before going, you will have a great sense of how much you will need to set aside for the trip.

The next tip is to save. If you don’t have a timeline of when you need to go away then you can take your time raising the necessary funds. Some simple ways to save your pennies is to sacrifice a few luxuries in the short-term. Stop impulse buying, keep yourself from eating out, pack a lunch, and carpool. These are just a few things that you can do to save a little bit of cash incrementally. It doesn’t have to be all at one time. If you take the time to change the way you spend money over a period of time you will see a vacation fund increase.

The third tip is to plan far ahead. If you know when you’d like to go away, try and plan it for the future instead of last minute. Airlines and hotels raise prices around the holidays. The earlier the better.

Another tip that people don’t consider is their payment cards. If you are traveling outside of the country, you could receive a surcharge or transaction fee. Be sure to check with your bank beforehand. You could also seek out credit cards that don’t have processing fees like a Capital One credit card.

These are just a few tips to help you save a bit of money when traveling.

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