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iPhones iOS7 Helps With Travel and More

I found an interesting article on that talked about the new iPhone iOS7 update and how it has impacted travel in a positive way. The article went over 10 new exciting features. I figured I would take a look and highlight some of my favorites.

Find My Phone:

There is now an enhanced featured call Find My iPhone that allows users to remotely find “lost or stolen devices, rendering them virtually useless to would-be thieves.” This is reassuring and might make thieves more weary of stealing hopefully.


A new camera app allows you to capture images in new ways. The app lets you take consecutive(ten per second) photos, which may be helpful if you are seeking that marvelous shot at the precise moment. It is important to note that you need to be fairly still while taking a photo because the lens will not refocus after each shot. Apple is always looking for new ways to please their customers. Before, they released a panorama feature that had people very excited and now they can shoot ten shots per second – a sure hit among Apple users.


Has Apple finally got it right with their native map app? I sure hope so. A lot of people cried out after they released their follow up to Google maps on new devices and many were rushing back to the latter. It was only a matter of time before Apple got it right and I am hopeful this is true. The map/navigation feature is crucial on smart phones and it would be detrimental if Apple didn’t put their best foot forward a second time around.


It is now more easier than ever to share photos and files with other iOS users. The system can recognize other devices through Wifi and Bluetooth bridging the gap between phones. Say your friend has a photo that you know will take them forever to upload, just have them shoot it over to you and go for it!

Apple is a great company that continues to innovate and please its user base. Initially, there were reported kinks with the new iOS7 update, but it seems that time heals everything. I was happy to come across this article because I was skeptical of updating my own iPhone. It seems that it’s finally time and I look forward to experiencing the new features!

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Saving Money On Gas

There are a lot of myths floating around about how to save money on gas. I found a great article at Green Car Reports that spells it all out.

The first thing they mention is to monitor your driving style. It is best to accelerate gently and smoothly and to allow your car to drift and stop its own momentum if possible. Accelerating quickly and jamming on the breaks are sure ways to impact your gas consumption. Quoted from the article, “The energy required to push a car through air resistance rises almost exponentially above about 45 mph–so going from 60 to 75 mph costs you a lot more than the “same” 15-mph increase from 45 to 60 mph.”

Another interesting fact is that new cars get better gas mileage than cars 10 years earlier. Corporate average fuel-economy regulations must increase year after year and should reach 54.5 mpg by 2025. You should feel great that every new car you buy will have a better gas milage than your last and will have more standard features and more likely will be safer.

Electric cars seems to be the topic of discussion these days in regards to gas mileage. It turns out that plugin cars are much cheaper to run per mile. The average per kilowatt-hour is around 12 cents – that is pretty cheap.

It is reassuring that electric cars are becoming more prevalent/mainstream and fuel-economy regulations continue to drive automakers to build cars that are more fuel efficient than the last. As energy sources continue to become more scarce and as fuel costs will likely increase, this will help offset costs as cars will be able to run longer without needing to refuel.

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