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Budgeting Your Money Without A Regular Income

Bruce HeenA recent article in Lifehacker talks about the best ways to optimize your money if you don’t have a steady stream coming in on a month to month basis. When budgeting money, people normally consider two very important things, how much money is coming in and how much can be allocated for certain things. What if you don’t have a regular paycheck coming in? In the Lifehacker article they explain, “those with unpredictable incomes must work “backward”—starting with the amount of money you’ll spend to figure out how much you need. If your income is unstable, then it is your expenditures that must be stable, predictable, and repeatable.”

Looking at your baseline, you will first need to consider your food costs. Groceries should be your number one priority. You should try and only include groceries in your budget and limit or stay away completely from restaurants and fast food establishments. Being frugal with your money is essential so cutting out any unnecessary costs will help you out. Included in your baseline will be your rent or mortgage expense along with any homeownwers insurance as well as property taxes. The area in which you live could also impact your utilities. If you need heating or cooling, you will have to consider these utilities as well, along with phone and internet if needed. Nowadays, most people can get by without signing up for a phone service because cell phones are becoming the go to way to contact people. So cutting out a phone service could be another consideration that will help you cut down on your expenses. Another major expense is health insurance. This should of course be included in your expense category and should be considered greatly. For some people, health insurance could be a major contributing factor as to why they go bankrupt.

These are just a few expenses that one should be mindful of when considering budgeting with an irregular income. Having these all layed out will put things into perspective and will help you make better choices with your money.

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Chicago and Boston Go Back and Forth in NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Bruce HeenIt is a great time to be an all around sports fan. Both the NHL and the NBA have series finals that have been entertaining as teams seems to be fighting neck and neck untill the end. The NBA is heading to a game seven as the Miami Heat evened the series in South Beach and the Chicago Black Hawks tied the series with the Boston Bruins in another overtime thriller in game four.

A recent article from ESPN recapped last nights NHL hockey game and stated, “It was the third overtime game in the finals, but it bore little resemblance to the three tightly contested games that opened the series. The teams combined for five goals in the second period — as many as in Games 2 and 3 combined — as Chicago repeatedly sprinted into the lead only to have Boston come back and tie it.” This game was particularly entertaining because it involved a lot of scoring. It seemed as if though the Chicago Blackhawks had control of the game with a two goal lead, but the Boston Bruins stormed back, like they have during their whole playoff run, to tie it at 5-5 and force overtime.

Unlike the previous game, last nights overtime did not last for three extra periods. This time around the game was decided in the first with 9:51 gone in the period. Brent Seabrook’s hard blast from the point beat Boston’s Tuuka Rask glove side to tie the tightly contested series. I am sure the hockey world must be cheering as most people would like to see this series decided in a game seven, much like the NBA. The Chicago Blackhawks seemed like they were Stanley Cup favorites during the regular season, but with the way Boston is playing, this series could go either way. It is amazing to see how far Boston has come in the Stanley Cup playoffs after they were almost eliminated in the first round.

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