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Bruce Heen’s Search for Desired Career Path

There are many people who go to college without really knowing what it is they desire to do in life. Sometimes the options seem so numerous it is hard to narrow it down. Other times the student has multiple interests without a dominant interest to provide them guidance. However, there are even people who pursue one career path before figuring out that their calling lies in another destination entirely.

This can be said for the beginning of Bruce Heen’s own professional career. After graduating from Devils Lake High School in Devils Lake, North Dakota, Bruce Heen decided to go to school for education. He completed his education degree and even taught for five years in Devils Lake, North Dakota. However, Bruce Heen decided to return to school.

He returned to the University of North Dakota, which is where he went for his original degree. However, with his return, Bruce Heen decided to earn his degree in accounting, and he successfully completed his accounting degree in 1980. It was also in 1980 that Bruce Heen began his accounting career in Wisconsin with Sentry Life Insurance in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

From his beginning at Sentry Life Insurance in 1980, Bruce Heen studied and passed the certified public accountant Sentry Life Insurance exam in 1982 for the State of Wisconsin. He then transferred to Atlanta, Georgia in 1982 as the Southeast Accounting Manager. The years following his move to Georgia, Bruce Heen moved to several other states to work several other positions.

At one point, he left work in the insurance industry to take a vice president position with the Texas Workers Compensation Company in Austin, Texas. He began work in Texas in 1996 but returned to the credit insurance accounting field in 1998 and continues his career in the insurance industry today with Protective Life Insurance Company as Vice President for the Life and Annuity Business Planning and Analysis department.


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Bruce Heen Received Education in North Dakota

Gone are the days of old, where people felt obligated to stay, start their families, and plan their career around the town or city of their birth. It is increasingly common for people to receive the education they seek, or job they want, away from home. This means that people may travel hundreds of miles away or even several states away from where they grew up. This is even true for Bruce Heen.

Bruce Heen grew up and received his education in North Dakota. In 1968, he graduated from Devils Lake High School in North Dakota before he started school at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He graduated with his undergraduate degree in 1972 in education in the field of social studies and political science. However, it was only a matter of time that Bruce Heen found that it was not teaching that he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing.

Bruce Heen decided to return to school, but instead of further pursuing his teaching career, he decided to jump tracks. Bruce Heen returned to the University of North Dakota and started work on his accounting degree. He graduated from the University of North Dakota College of Business in 1980. It was after he earned his business degree in accounting that Bruce Heen would find his true career calling.

After receiving his formal education in North Dakota, Bruce Heen spent the rest of his life building his career related to business and insurance. His career path would lead him to change jobs several times and working into the position of vice president for several different companies in several states. His career, after earning his accounting degree, led him to work in Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama.


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